Sam – Aerial Yoga Teacher

As an Aerial Yoga Teacher I wasn’t finding Pranayama style meditation particularly useful in my private life hence I was searching for something else. I found it in this First Sphere Course which gave me a simple but highly effective meditation technique that has transformed both my inner and outer life in a whole host of ways.

It is quite simply the most rewarding £200 I’ve ever spent and I also recouped the costs very quickly without even trying- as I’ve found myself in less need of wasting money on unnecessary purchases. Whilst I’ve never been an extravagant person with finances I was still capable of pointless frittering at times! Yet this behaviour seemingly magically melted away hence I am delighted.

I now willingly meditate 3 times a day and have very quickly found a hugely increased- sense of perspective, quality within relationships, ability to use intuition to make tough but wise decisions and a whole host of other wonderful things that are way too long to list here.

One of the real beauties of Ishayas’ Meditation is that by attending one of these weekend courses you will have the opportunity to connect with a huge community of teachers and fellow ascenders both in the UK and Internationally. You also have the option to repeat this course for free anytime you like, as often as you like and at any chosen location. I call that outstanding value for money.

A winning combination in my world and if you choose to take a leap of faith all of the above can become your reality too.

Sam, Leeds.