Ascension Meditation Weekend

My experience of meditation has been up and down, sometimes challenging, sometimes enjoyable and sometimes healing. However, I always struggled with a common thread; how to find stillness and peace.

There’s always something going on around no matter where you are, traffic, technology, voices, clocks ticking, movement etc. etc. The only way that I could meditate was to sit in a room on my own with earphones – to block out the outside world. This was a nice relaxing thing to do but it really didn’t bring stillness and peace, not properly anyway. It also limited me to where and when I could actually meditate. Not that helpful really. I was also using guided meditations and meditation music to ‘still’ my mind – except my mind was never still!

Of course, I didn’t really know this or acknowledge this at the time. I learned it retrospectively – after going on my ‘First Sphere’ Ascension Meditation course, delivered by Bright Path Ishayas.

I heard about Ascension Meditation after watching a full feature documentary called A Mindful Choice. This film had a huge emotional impact on me. It was deeply moving and captured my full attention throughout the whole film, which to be honest is not a common occurrence because I’m generally attached to some sort of technology when I’m sat watching something.

The film shares some amazing life changing stories for people who have experienced significant life events. It also shows prisons and schools and whole communities that are using the Ascension Meditation technique and practice to bring peace and stillness into their lives. Lives have been transformed by this simple and easy meditation technique and the impact is very very moving. A MINDFUL CHOICE:

After watching the film I was immediately shifted and intent on learning Ascension Meditation for myself, which I did and I love it! I attended my First Sphere weekend course in Huddersfield (they are delivered all over the country).

Ascension has genuinely connected me with my inner peace. The techniques are so so simple and yet so much more powerful and adaptable – to any environment. Ascension techniques can be used in any situation, even with eyes open. You don’t have to focus on ‘clearing your mind’, which is often the biggest struggle for people. You focus on the ascension attitudes, which are taught on the course, and you allow thoughts to come and go – naturally.

Our minds are not meant to ‘stop’, they are active all the time so why would we try to force them to stop? That’s why a lot of other techniques haven’t brought inner peace for me. I’ve been trying too hard to clear my thoughts and think of ‘nothing’.
Not now. Peace is a grounding, calming and very comforting feeling. When life is moving at 100 miles an hour I am grateful that I have this, my inner peace to connect to. Yes, I still get a bit stressed now and again but overall I am calmer a lot more and much more likely to stay calm in tough or stressful situations.

I practice Ascension meditation twice a day, twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening. At first, this seemed like a lot to fit in but now I can’t wait to do it. The best part is sleeping like a log. I can’t recommend this enough. An easy place to start is watching the film. Here’s to more peace and calm in our lives!

Paula, Huddersfield