Ascending to Joy

A few weeks ago I completed an ascension meditation course. You may remember that Paula and Tracy had completed this course in January, their experiences and glowing references meant that it was inevitable that I would join them in experiencing ascension meditation too. My experience of meditation thus far had been guided meditations on YouTube for specific needs; anxiety, low self-esteem and sleep support, to name just three needs I had used guided meditation for over the last twelve months. I found that I never fully settled with them, they required me to be in a quiet space and with no distractions.

I practise mindfulness actively each day, taking time to stop and notice what is going on around me, to consider colours and smells and sounds. I love getting lost in the moment, even if only for a moment. I also practise a daily reflection on where I found joy in my day today, which for me is a gratitude reflection.

There was a part of me that wondered if I needed meditation if I didn’t “get along with it” and if I had a mindful way of living, was it really necessary?

After the weekend I realised that for me it is needed, not from a place of lack, but from the space of creation. It’s quite possibly the most effective distraction and procrastination killer I have found.

Meditation is often considered to be something that you have to sit still and clear your mind for. Ascension meditation is something that I consider being able to clear my mind with.

The basis of ascension meditation is four attitudes, these attitudes are taught on the course and are beautifully constructed to consider left and right brain (logical, analytical, methodical and emotional, visual, intuitive). I really liked that combination of science and inner belief.

The attitudes are what we use to bring us back to ourselves when we get carried away by our thoughts. Thoughts come and go, it is impossible to stop them, the attitudes acknowledge the thoughts and bring us back to ourselves. As I have a very busy mind this also appealed to me, I don’t need to feel bad about the thoughts buzzing around, I can acknowledge and allow them to pass through.

As The Bright Path says;

“The techniques bring you to a direct experience of peace, happiness and freedom. They involve no belief and can be easily practiced by anyone of any age or cultural background.”
And this is what I enjoyed the most, anywhere at any time an attitude can be introduced.
Feeling frustrated in traffic? Introduce an attitude (direct experience of peace follows)
Did someone get shirty with you in a queue? Introduce an attitude (direct experience of love follows)
Feeling boxed in and losing control of your day? Introduce an attitude (direct experience of freedom follows)

The open eye method for ascension allows me at any time to reconnect with my inner core, my true self, at any time. Day to day, instant peace on tap.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a practise for eyes closed, quiet space. Ascenders are encouraged to take 20 minutes two to three times a day for quiet ascension. This is about healing, about giving the mind space to rest. The attitudes are introduced each time I notice thoughts taking over, I use the attitude to gently bring me back home rather than out walking with my thoughts, it’s a beautifully kind approach and my thoughts love it, there is no fight!

Morning and bedtime have worked for me, and when I haven’t been able to ascend immediately on rising I have found space during the day (the car park at Newark Racecourse a recent example of that!!).
Using the attitudes to bring me back to myself and install some pretty awesome affirmations into my brain is already helping me to feel noticeably calmer, sleep feels deeper and I don’t feel the need to talk so much! I don’t need to fill space in the way I might have previously.

When I haven’t practised either eyes open or closed I can feel the difference, quicker to defend, quicker to argue, quicker to make ‘my’ point. These ways of being close down opportunities, damage relationships and create anxiety. Why would I not practise something that gently removes these ways of being from my world?

My experience so far tells me that the practise of Ascension is a powerful tool for inner peace and with inner peace anything is possible.

Courses in Ascension Meditation run regularly throughout the UK, you can search for teachers and course near you on The Bright Path website, link below.

The initial weekend training is £200 and then you can repeat that training anywhere in the world, as often as you like for free, for life. There were people I met who have been ascending for over 15 years and still repeat this first course, as they know that they are ready to hear and absorb different learnings at different moments in life. PLUS it is beautiful to ascend in a group surrounded by others ascending, so The Bright Path encourages the repeating of that alone!

More information about ascension meditation and course information here

Natasha, Huddersfield