Ascending to Joy

A few weeks ago I completed an ascension meditation course. You may remember that Paula and Tracy had completed this course in January, their experiences and glowing references meant that it was inevitable that I would join them in experiencing … Read More

Ascension Meditation Weekend

My experience of meditation has been up and down, sometimes challenging, sometimes enjoyable and sometimes healing. However, I always struggled with a common thread; how to find stillness and peace. There’s always something going on around no matter where you … Read More

Soaking in the deliciousness and teachings

Soaking in the deliciousness and teachings from today at the Advanced Day. “Whoever comes back to the present finds freedom.” Truth bomb. Millions more too… Letting go lesson resonated massively. A fantastic day – lots to think about and the … Read More

Sam – Aerial Yoga Teacher

As an Aerial Yoga Teacher I wasn’t finding Pranayama style meditation particularly useful in my private life hence I was searching for something else. I found it in this First Sphere Course which gave me a simple but highly effective … Read More

About us

In each of us, there is a yearning in the heart for peace We all want more happiness and joy and love in our lives but we don’t believe it’s possible. And if we do believe its possible, we don’t … Read More

outer experience

Some years ago, although we were interested in WHAT people do and HOW they do it, we found we were becoming increasingly fascinated by WHY. Our study of MOTIVATION was primarily focussed on the workplace and for almost ten years … Read More

Inner experience

Experience of peace, happiness, and freedom. Our meditation techniques involve no belief and can be easily practiced by anyone of any age or cultural background.… Read More