Serenity Through Acceptance

For months during courses, at Ascender meetings, on web calls and on the phone, the concepts of Acceptance and Surrender has come up time and time again. Acceptance is the Master Key to our Freedom.

Indeed, the level of happiness and peace and joy we experience in our lives is in direct proportion to how willing and able we are to surrender and let go of any thoughts of being in control. 

We suffer because we try to change life as it is

………….. into life as we want it to be.

Accepting what is, right here, right now in our reality as absolutely perfect – exactly as it is……. well, life is so much easier when we stop resisting what is.

What if ……

  • What if, starting today, we stop thinking in terms of what’s lacking and imperfect?
  • What if we stop thinking that this very moment is not how it could or should have been?
  • What if we no longer think anything needs to be fixed, healed or improved?
  • What if we stopped searching for something more, better, different or more complete?

What if from now on and starting right now, we :- 

ALLOWED anything that comes in to our reality from moment to moment without a hint of resistance.

ACCEPTED everything – as it is. Without judging it as Good or Bad.

ACKNOWLEDGED it because we know everything in this moment is just perfect for our growth.

APPRECIATED it – as if our prayers had already been answered.

Then we would have ZERO STRESS in our lives.

We must surrender control: relinquish our role as manager of the universe.

To surrender means to let go of the control we think we have in our life. It means releasing our preconceived thoughts and notions about how we think life should be. 

It is all about accepting what is here and now and no longer forcing our personal will on reality. Life is so much easier when we Allow anything, Accept everything and Resist  nothing.

So ………. Is it really possible to feel great in a life full of problems ?

Newsflash: – We have no other choice.