Dare to be You

What is success? Is it fame? Is it being a great entrepreneur..is it running a business..is it having lots of money..a beautiful home..a shiny new car..fabulous clothes..five star holidays? Having these things in life is great and why not? But..think about this..do those things give you peace? So…how about being totally at peace with oneself..being comfortable in ones own skin..having good relationships..whether with partner, spouse, family, friends of your own choosing.

How about having the best relationship one can ever have..with oneself? How many people look outside for love,for validation and approval? How many of us have split desires..how many of us have trouble being fully authentic? What if you never had to look anywhere else but from within, from your own innate wisdom from the inner teacher that resides in you..this always has been there, many of us have simply forgotten and have chosen to ignore this.

How would you like to be truly you, truly authentic, how would you like to drop all the masks that we have hidden behind ever since we can remember? Those masks, the parts we play in order to ‘please’ other people which simply cause so much stress and pain. What a relief it would be to be truly and authentically yourself..no need for approval..no need for validation.. To be filled with happiness and gratitude no matter what is happening.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to be yourself..warts and all..to totally love yourself.. To have the delicious freedom to bare your soul with no fear of being judged. Think about it..judgement causes stress. Where there is love for yourself and mankind, there is no room for judgement. That’s freedom.

To be totally confident in who you truly are..in your own perfection..knowing that you are not, nor ever have been broken and to see others in their own perfection..knowing that there is only LOVE for oneself and for the whole of mankind..releasing all the stress that comes with looking outside for LOVE.

That’s success. If you really want to live from your absolute truth and authenticity, we at www.everyonematters.org.uk can help you.

Pavani Ishaya