Why we suffer

“Suffering is the movement from the ‘what is’ to our notion of the ‘what should be’. This constant arises when one tries to move from How it is to How I’d rather it be, from thinking This is bad to … Read More

The Antidote to the Slippery Slope to Unhappiness

When we were young we only did what was instinctively and naturally in perfect alignment with our drive and enthusiasm and our passion. Everything was exciting. Anything new was thrilling and stimulating. There was never a dull moment. Life was … Read More

Serenity Through Acceptance

For months during courses, at Ascender meetings, on web calls and on the phone, the concepts of Acceptance and Surrender has come up time and time again. Acceptance is the Master Key to our Freedom. Indeed, the level of happiness … Read More

Dare to be You

What is success? Is it fame? Is it being a great entrepreneur..is it running a business..is it having lots of money..a beautiful home..a shiny new car..fabulous clothes..five star holidays? Having these things in life is great and why not? But..think … Read More