ADVANCED WEEKEND – Denholme Gate, West Yorkshire

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Teachers: Pavani and Amaran

Contact E-mail:

Phone: 07960 248021

Times: Saturday& Sunday 28th & 29th July

(10.00am – 5.00pm)

Price: £90.00 (£45.00 per day)

Language: English

Please note that this course is for anyone who has previously attended a First Sphere Course with the Bright Path Ishayas.


Recently, during courses, at Ascender meetings, on web calls and on the phone, the concept of Acceptance has come up time and time again. Come and share a weekend with Pavani and Amaran as we explore this. Acceptance is the Master Key to our Freedom. Indeed, the level of happiness and peace and joy we experience in our lives is in direct proportion to how willing and able we are to surrender and let go of any thoughts of being in control.

We suffer because we try to change life as it is ………….. into life as we want it to be.

Accepting what is, right here, right now in our reality as absolutely perfect – exactly as it is……. well, life is so much easier when we stop resisting what is.

Ascension weekends are an opportunity to come together with like minded people, to close our eyes to meditate for longer periods of time than we would normally do in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been Ascending for a week or for 10 years, come and join us and play with your tribe.

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