In each of us, there is a yearning in the heart for peace

We all want more happiness and joy and love in our lives but we don’t believe it’s possible. And if we do believe its possible, we don’t know how to get it.

When we try to get more happiness in our lives mostly we look in all the wrong places. Money, a new car, a new home, a new partner, sex, drugs, extreme sports. Anything to make us feel alive and get away from the drudgery and routine. We look outside for a fix but it is always temporary and fleeting at best. So, more often than not, we give up.

One thing is for sure. Having more happiness and joy in our lives, inner peace and to experience unconditional love, all this is possible right here right now. By paying attention to your Inner Experience of life and your Outer Experience of life, you too can have all of it.

You can have it all.

When you are ready, when you become curious enough, when you decide that enough is enough, that you don’t want to compromise anymore, you no longer want to settle.

When you are ready to ask “How?”

We will be there to meet you exactly where you’re at, take you by the hand and show you what is absolutely possible.

We need to explore our curiosities, invest in what interests us and follow what intrigues us. Prepare for impact, prepare for life to be different. There will be transformation and change to our experience. It’s amazing what we can do when our passions meet a purpose greater than ourselves.

At Everyone Matters, it is our personal mission to model and to teach the new empowering Life Skills in a world which has almost forgotten the glory of what it means to be human.